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Empowering Your Healthcare Journey- Patient Advocacy, Navigating the Complex Healthcare Continuum

July 29, 2024 @ 12:00 pm, 45 MIN.

     Susan McCoy, RN & Board-Certified Patient Advocate

Patient Advocacy, Navigating the Complex Healthcare Continuum, Message from the Presenter:

“I am here to advocate for the patient, especially when the patient is alone. My mission is to assist in navigating the healthcare system as you face health challenges. I can also guide you in preparing for the future, so there are fewer obstacles when the unexpected occurs. My goal is to help you understand the big picture of your medical journey and guide you in taking control of your health. Not only am I committed to integrity and transparency, but my approach is rooted in the 3Cs – Care, Compassion, and Collaboration, which is the foundation for person-centered and relationship-based advocacy.” Susan McCoy

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Meet the Webinar Host

     Jan Stone, Medicare Broker with Hanson Insurance Agency & Board Certified Patient Advocate