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  1. Tricia & Martin Elting says:

    So glad I saw this because I am so grateful I found Emily Hanson for several reasons.
    #1, As with most people, retirement medical makes me crazy. Once you think your all set, dozens of agents that say they can do better call to “check your getting a good deal” … They can’t. They just mess you up.
    #2 When Emily looked at what I was paying into my supplement insurance, for both my husband and myself, she discovered we were making payments on 2 insurance policies each, which was not legal.
    So for 22 months we had payments came out of SS and we were being billed for another on auto payments out of our checking account.
    Though I questioned this twice they didn’t so much as look into it.
    She was able, through a lot of diligent work, to get a reimbursement of about $5,400.00.
    What a blessing❗
    #3 Between Emily and her office manager, Katie, your response to phone, text or emails get almost immediate attention.
    #4 Emily is well versed and very knowledgeable on all things medical insurance.

    I highly recommend Hanson Insurance to end the muddle of your yearly insurance up dates.

    Tricia & Martin Elting
    Liberty Hill, TX

  2. Anne H says:

    Emily was phenomenal! Could not asked for a better representative! Very thorough, patient and on task. Thank you!

  3. JF Klein says:

    Jan, thank you for your time. It was by far the best and clearest Medicare presentation I ever attended. Well done. Big thanks ! jF

  4. heide b says:

    Tia Pruett is exceptional at her job. She has guided me always showing me many options with a direction that would be best for me. It’s always there when I have any kind of question that needs to be answered. I’m extremely grateful for her constant assistance in the care that she gives me. Knowing my situation, she has always considered what would be best for me not only financially, but most importantly, medically with both my Medicare and my supplement plan. I could not think of a better agent that could have with her kindness and attention show me the direction I needed to go in. Always including me to find understanding.
    Thank you

  5. Amanda Gonzalez says:

    Jan’s knowledge and expertise, combined with her passion (and compassion) for helping folks navigate the complexities of Medicare enrollment, made what I expected to be a daunting and stressful process clear and simple. I would recommend Jan as a guide for anyone approaching this critical milestone. Thanks for you patience and assistance, Jan!

  6. david Griffith says:

    I can’t tell you how grateful I was to have Emily in my corner.
    This is a confusing process! She listen to what might important to me now and in the future. Gave me the best options. And done in a short time.
    Communication spot on.

  7. Jim M says:

    Emily has been wonderful to work with. Accessible and thorough and explaining all details clearly. We love working with her.

  8. Jane D. says:

    Jan is very helpful! Asks good questions and keeps me updated!
    She’s good at explaining things and patient if I need it repeated or more clarification!!
    She always gets back to me in a timely manner . It’s thumbs up ????

  9. Sullivan J. says:

    Thank you for your assistance in deciding what the best Medicare plan is for Alice. Also, thank you for listening, I have a tendency to talk too much.

  10. Jane D. says:

    I worked with Jan Stone . She was very patient with my questions and very clear explaining the supplement options to Medicare Part B.
    She’s also very reliable to get back to me and very punctual with working and meeting online.
    Appreciate her assistance! It’s all new territory for me to maneuver and she’s an excellent Guide !

  11. Ray B. says:

    Tia was a pure delight to work with. Not only did she get me set up with all my medicare needs, she also was able to straighten out my wife’s part D insurance as well. Tia is a wonderful asset to your company and she will be highly recommended for anyone we know, who will be needing insurance help in the future.
    Recommendation Score: 5 stars, 2 thumbs up, and a heart felt THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!

  12. Suze says:

    Monday Sept 18th 2024

    I had a phone apt with Emily Hanson this morning. She was exceedingly generous in her time with me. I found her to be kind, thoughtful and considerate. She made a very boring subject, far less dull. Emily will have her associate Jan Stone contact me in the near future to work with me. Moving forward I intend to write more positive reviews about Hanson First.

    Suze Pahl
    Austin, Tx

  13. Peggie says:

    Emily Hanson is the best! If you have MediCare questions, she has solutions. She is patient and does great research for special needs. Five Stars!

  14. Bendetta says:

    I value Tia as a real Asset to the Medicare process! She has been available , helpful and efficient ! The stress she was able to relieve for me and my husband is invaluable ! ???? Thanks Ever so much!!

  15. Stacy says:

    Jan is my JOY. I can’t tell you how I dreaded this whole Medicare process. Completely overwhelmed. I didn’t have to do anything but write my questions down which she answered throughly and with great patience. Please know you have an excellent employee. My whole demeanor changed for the better after talking to her. I was frozen with anxiety until speaking to her. Afterword I breathed a sigh of relief and was filled with joy!

  16. Jose P. says:

    Tia assisted me in helping me to choose the best Medicare plan for me. I appreciate the time Tia spent doing this research.Thank you Tia!

  17. Vicki L. says:

    Have been using Emily for years. Would not go anywhere else.
    She is kind, empathetic and really cares. Has your best interest at heart.
    I have sent others to her and they feel the same way.
    Do not waste your time going anywhere else.

  18. Karen W. says:

    Emily Hanson is an impressive young professional. When she takes on an issue you know that there is going to be results. Good ones too. She is an excellent listener. She gets the full information and essential points to the matter. As a retired Elementary School Principal, I immediately knew that I was in good hands with Emily. She is articulate, bright, enthusiastic, caring, and has much empathy for those who need her help. Being introduced to her was my lucky day. I feel blessed to have had her speaking and working on my behalf. We need more health care advocates like her. As far as I am concerned, Emily is tops in her field.

  19. DD M. says:

    Outstanding professional who cares about you. She had an extensive knowledge of the health programs. So glad I saw her at HEB onTuesday!

  20. Patti T. says:

    My husband and I were pretty clueless about this whole Medicare stuff etc. Emily felt like family from our first hello and we were taken care of exceptionally well. Emily was a God-sent remarkable person and made the whole process basically painless. I will sing her praises forever and will most wholeheartedly refer her to anyone who may need her services!

  21. Wendy P. says:

    Emily was excellent in getting me signed up for my Part C Plan. She went over every single plan I had questions concerning. She was very knowledgeable of what each plan offered. Although, it took me a while to make a determination on which Plan best fit my needs. Emily was very patient with me. My final decision came down to my needs, my doctors and medications. Emily signed me up and now I’m on the Humana team. Thank you Emily for your professionalism, kindness and endless effort to satisfy my health needs. You are the best.

  22. Patty L. says:

    I could not have navigated all of this to sign up for a Medicare advantage program for myself as well as a healthcare insurance plan for my husband without Emily’s help. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for staying with us as we navigated the pages. Sharing screens was so reassuring that we were doing the right thing.

  23. Fran T. says:

    Working with Emily is a pleasure. She is knowledgeable about the Medicare Advantage plans available. The process was easy. I look forward to having Emily as my agent for years to come!

  24. Michael & Jeannette H. says:

    Just wanted to say how much my wife and I appreciated what Lauren Fostel did for me regarding added benefits. Everything was explained in a very easy fashion, my decision as to what PPO program I wanted was a snap. Great job on behalf of your company!

  25. Cindy B. says:

    Thank you, Jan Stone, for your time, patience, and repetitively explaining the different plans breaking down the costs incurred for each plan. You never wearied of my questions and you made sure I was clear in my understanding before continuing. I was so stressed out trying to get through all the information I feel confident I made the most informed decision possible to me. Thank you for the many phone calls, information emails, and snail mail documents you sent. Surely, you were such a blessing and answer to prayers for help in my making this decision. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  26. Sharon D. says:

    Jan Stone is amazing! She worked tirelessly with us until we found insurance that met our special needs. My husband is diabetic and his meds are costly. She explained everything in detail, answered each and every question and made herself available for after-thoughts. Jan never made us feel rushed or pressured to make a decision. Actually, I felt like we were the only clients she had. Jan is a remarkable person and it’s apparent that she loves what she does—helping others.

  27. Rosemary says:

    Jan Stone was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and patient with me during the process of setting up a Medicare advantage plan that will save me considerably over the plan I currently have keeping my same doctors and many more perks my current plan did not have. So much easier and less stressful than having to weed through all the information by myself.
    Five stars and a basketful of flowers to Jan. Thank you for being such a blessing to me!

  28. Anita V. says:

    Emily is the only person out of all the turning 65 mail I received, that responded to my email. I was looking for a insurance person that handled all insurance polices for my plan B plan. Plus, I have hearing birth defects that it’s critical that I have the max hearing coverage in my plan B policy.

    She was able to get that for me! In addition I wasn’t able to login to set up my Medicare & she has spent hours helping me figure out what the problem was so we could fix it. She is the best!!!

  29. Julie B. says:

    Like most people who become eligible for Medicare I received tons of mail from insurance companies and agents. Though I understood the basics of what is available,

    Emily was able to sort through everything and make it crystal clear for me. She was knowledgeable and patient and kind. I would recommend seeing her before making any Medicare choice. She is awesome.

  30. Carol and Greg S. says:

    My husband and I both needed help learning and signing up for Medicare. We tried going through a couple Insurance Agents that never returned our calls in a timely manner. We were then given Emily Hanson’s name as a Licensed Insurance Agent.

    She answered and returned all our phone calls promptly. We met with her to answer and explain all our options. She helped us when we had trouble on line signing up for Medicare. She is extremely knowledgeable and customer focused. We couldn’t have done this process without her.

    We strongly recommend her to answer all your concerns and you will be completely satisfied with your Medicare plan.

  31. Jamie and Tony B. says:

    Six months before my husband and I turned 65 we knew we had a big decision of whether to go on to medicare or not and what supplement to go with. Our phone continuously rang and our mailbox was full of requests for business. All of the letters were extremely confusing and way too much information to navigate.

    One day I received a letter in the mail and there was a very simple note from Emily. All it said was that she was a Medicare Specialist in the Liberty Hill area and was more than happy to answer any questions we might have. I immediately picked up the phone and called her and within a few days she came out and spent over an hour with us answering our questions. We felt so comfortable with her that on that same day we picked out a plan and could finally check this off our list! It’s been a year now and we talk about Emily often. If it were not for her and that simple, yet kind letter, we are not sure how we would have maneuvered through it. We highly recommend Emily!

    Please do yourself a favor and just call her. A simple call can make all the difference!

  32. Anne M. says:

    Overwhelmed by the “over-sixty-five” insurance choices before me and discouraged by the lack of specific information I could find on what/who was covered by each program,

    I reached out tomy doctor’s office for help. They encouraged me to contact Emily Hanson, a professional in the local community who had provided assistance to other patients. From her first enthusiastic greeting at the door to our most recent interaction, working with Emily has been a pleasure. She immediately helped me limit and focus my priorities and the companies that would serve my needs. Next, we compared each specific concern and decided which insurance plan was the best choice.

    We worked through my Medicare supplement, hospitalization, specialty insurance, and drug plan. Emily found areas in which my previous agent had over-insured me and areas that needed to be improved. If we could not find the information needed, she followed up with the company for clarification. No pressure was applied to make a quick decision or a choice that might benefit Emily.

    As a result of her expertise, I now have better insurance coverage for a considerably lower price, and I am served by a woman who clearly cares about my needs and concerns. I do not hesitate to recommend Emily to anyone who looking for a straightforward, honest, caring agent.

  33. Christine J. says:

    Emily assisted, guided, and advised me through the rigorous task of signing up for Medicare Part B and a supplemental package that no doubt, saved me hundreds of dollars.

    Throughout the process, Mrs. Hanson was extremely responsive, knowledgeable, and patient with me even with the millions of questions I had before I made a final decision. She was thorough in providing me several options to consider that best fit my personal situation.

    Had it not been for Ms. Hanson to help me orchestrate through the process, I would have been totally lost through the maze of it all. It was an extremely enjoyable learning experience and much easier with her.

    She was God sent.